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22 October, 2016

Sooji/Semolina Vada

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semolina/sooji/rava ­: 1 cup

chopped onions as needed

salt ­ as needed

curry leaves if needed

baking soda ­ a pinch

yogurt ­ ½ cup or as required

oil ­ for deep­frying


1. cut the onion,green chilies, curry leaves, and keep aside.


2. take a mixing bowl,add 1 cup of semolina/sooji/upma rava. add salt as needed, and a pinch of baking soda.add chopped onion,green chilies,curry leaves, and mix well.  add ½ cup of yogurt and mix.the batter should not be runny or too hard.  leave the batter for 15-­20 minutes and later mix the batter again.


3. when the oil is hot, take a lemon ­sized batter,make into flat round shape.. leave them into oil carefully.


4. deep­fry on medium heat the vadas until they turn into nice golden brown color.flip them in between.

Now your tasty spicy vadaa are ready , crispy outside and soft inside ………..YUMMY 😀



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