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26 October, 2016

cabbage manchurian (dry)

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1.cabbage : 1 Cup finely chopped.

2. chilly : 2 finely chopped.

3. onions : 1/2 Cup finely chopped.

4. Maida : 1 Cup.

5. Corn Flour : 1 Spoon.

6. Tomato Sauce : 2 Spoons.

7. Green Chilly Sauce : 2 Spoons.

8. Soya Sauce: 2 Spoons.

9. Vinegar: 1 Spoon.

10. Oil: For deep fry.

11. Red chiily powder: as required.


  1. cut the cabbage, chilly and onions and keep aside.


2. Take a bowl and ass 1 cup maida ,1 spoon corn flour , cabbage , salt to taste and chilly powder as required and  make a batter consistent to make pakoda .


3.Deep fry them in oil till golden brown.and take out in a plate.


4. Take 1 Spoon of oil and fry chillies, onions till golden brown and add tomato sauce, soya sauce andgreen chilly sauce and stir for 2 sec and and put vinegar and mix  and putthe cabbage balls in it.. mix till all the cabbage balls have absorbed the sauces and become dry.

img_1881             img_1882

5.its ready to serve hot.. tasty cabbage manchurian ready to enjoy.. you can prepare this at home easily and cleanly so y go out to buy ..  😀




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  • Sunil
    October 30, 2016 at 2:16 pm

    Very nice mam. Thank u so much

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