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28 October, 2016

Bread Upma

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1.Bread : 2 cups (cut into small pieces).

2.onion: 2.

3.tomato : 5.

4: red chilly powder : 1 spoon(or as required.)

5. chilly: 1.

6. salt: to taste.

7.oil : 4 spoons.

8. Curry leaves: few.

9: Mustard seeds : 1 /2 spoon.


1.Chop tomatoes, onion, chilly and cut bread into small pieces.

img_1892     img_1893

2. take a pan add mustard seeds , curry leaves . after sauting add chilly ,onions and fry till golden brown.

img_1894      img_1897

3. Add tomatoes and fry them till they turn out soft .


4.  Add bread and mix everything well and close vessel and let it cook  in sim for about 2 minutes .

img_1899          img_1906

5. Ready to have.. its a quick preparation recipe.   its a good option when left over bread is there and no body interested to have it …  yummy upma ready 😀




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