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30 October, 2016

Semiya Payasam

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1. vermicelli/semiya : 1 cup (heaped).

2. Sugar : 3/4 Cup.

3 Cashews : As Required.

4. Dry grapes: As Required.

5. Ghee :  5 Spoons.

6. Milk : 3 Cups (water included if required. )


1.Take  a pan and add ghee and roast cashew and dry grapes till golden brown , remove them into a plate and add vermicelli and fry till golden brown and keep it aside.

img_1913       img_1910       img_1916

2. Add milk and  and sugar and let it to boil..


3. When the mixture boils add vermicelli , mix well and keep in sim for 5 minutes and add roasted cashews and kismis , off the stove and close it with a lid .let it set for sometime say 10 mins.

img_1920   img_1936

4. Tasty Semiya payasam is ready . easy and simple to prepare .Delecious payasam is ready to have.. 😀

img_1937     img_1924


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